St Margaret's Church

Crowning the impressive tower are four statues at its corners, said to be the kings William the Conqueror, Harold, Macbeth and Malcolm. The Kings of Scotland were also Earls of Huntingdon and Malcolm’s wife, Margaret, was canonised in 1250.

There are also five bells, one of which dates back to 1575.  The foundation of the church of 1138 is dedicated to St. Margaret of Antioch.

In the south aisle is an elaborate tomb recess, linked to the Tillys who held the manor from 1312 and may have paid for the church.

A sensitive 1861 restoration was by Butterfield who also designed many of the fittings. The chancel is still in use as the parish church.

The nave of the church is cared for by The Churches Conservation Trust, the national charity protecting churches at risk.