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WI celebration circa 1951

Held in the (then) garden of Mrs Marr at Caldecote  

Starting from the back left to right: Dora Webb, ?, Mrs Curtis (who kept the Plough), Mrs Honeysett, Doris Wisson, May Childerley, Mrs Davis, Mrs Hancock (head teacher), Lady Fisher (Church Farm), Doll Lincoln, Mabel Harper, Winnie Browning, Mrs LeVerge (from the Eight Bells), ?,Mrs Seymour, Tilly Webb, Doll Mitchell, Peggy Saywell, Daisy Jeffs, Margaret Gilbert, Winnie Harper, Rachel Smith, Judy Webb (church organist), Ada Cross, Maud Cade, Enid Staughton, Joan Smith, Mrs Sid Armstrong

Front row: Molly Goddard, Nanda Wisson, Betty Webb, Mary Goddard, Agnes Jakes, Mrs Marr (vice-president). Mrs Vile (president), Anne Gibbins, Mrs Storey, Mrs Moyser, Kitty Browning, Molly Woolley, Annie Harper