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Sale of Livestock & Farm Implements at Manor Farm in 1857

This is the auctioneers notice of the forthcoming sale of the Livestock, Farming Equipment and House hold Furniture at Manor Farm in 1857 on behalf of Mr Charles Carter who was giving up occupation of the farm.

The dramatic differences with agriculture today is shown in the number of working horses in the sale as they were were used for much of the day to day work on the farm prior to the coming of mechanisation and the use of horses still continued long into the first half of the 20th century although by the 1930s and 1940s tractors were in increasingly common use.

On this website  and in Nanda Wisson's book of Abbotsley there is a wonderful photograph, circa 1950, of perhaps the last working horses in the village, owned by Bernard Hart, and it shows Dereck and Toby Lincoln leading them. It is sad that today's generation will never see sights like this that portrayed the tempo of agricultural life. However it is fair to say that farmers today reading this will say that they prefer to be in an enclosed heated tractor  cab !