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  • Thanks for your response. The photo was taken in August 1964. On the site you will see a photo of Jane Wiles, used to live in Blacksmiths Lane and my cousin Robert Jones who lived at 2 Waterloo Farm Cottages, both of these photos were also taken in August 1964. I hope this helps and good luck with the magnificent work. If anyone who remembers Robert would like to send an acknowledgement they are welcome to contact me at
    Would you kindly pass on my best wishes to Mrs Wisson.

    Adrian Williams

    By Adrian Williams (26/04/2015)
  • I came across this site recently and was delighted that Mrs Wisson had added this photo I gave her. My cousin Robert lived at Waterloo Farm cottages (now demolished) and I used to stay with him during the summer holidays. They were halcyon days which I treasure. I still make a “pilgrimage” to Abbotsley and am pleased that the village still retains much of its charm.

    By Adrian Williams (25/04/2015)
  • Could you possibly add some dates for the photo? We are gradually publishing Nanda’s vast amount of information but only have one-liners for descriptions of much of it, with a lot of dates omitted.

    By lynn fitch (25/04/2015)

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