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Mrs Farrell and her pupils early 1960s

Mrs Farrell was the school teacher just before the school closed in the 1960s when the children moved to Eynesbury School. Mr Farrell helped his wife considerably in the school.

Left to right:

Back row:    Mrs Farrell, Carol Jeffs, Sindi Macdonald, Peter Gilbert, Paul (Nipper) Jeffs, ? Macdonald, Kelvin Storey, Michael Gilbert, Mark Stevens, Mr Farrell

Middle row:  Doug (murray) Currington, Roger Currington, Gina Turner, Leslie Jeffs, Robert Jones, David Currington, Gerald Bell, Phillip Jeffs,Marion Jeffs

Front Row:   Christine Wisson, Rubina Lawless, Ann Smith, Marie Jeffs, ? Macdonald, ? Tilly, Michael Wayman, ? Tilly