Lillian Cullup

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  • I remember Lilian very well; she told my fortune using the I Ching, but I can’t really remember it too well, so whether or not it has come true I can’t say.

    By Carol Johnson (20/12/2015)
  • Lilian used to give me extra lessons after school, she was so kind. It is amazing seeing all these people i knew so long ago. I believe Harry is Gordon and Maries dad!

    By Rosanna Housden (05/09/2015)
  • Walter Cross is my Dad and Lillian Cullup was my piano teacher who eventually got me into Trinity College of Music, London in 1947.

    By Alan Cross (01/06/2015)
  • Hi Alan I was hoping you’d find this site at some point. We would be interested in anything you can add to the site in the way of additional information for anything posted or any items that you could add yourself. It’s easy enough to add photos etc via the contribute option.

    By lynn fitch (02/06/2015)

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