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  • In December 1934 my parents – with me, aged 4, in tow – moved into No 7 New Row, Abbotsley. Granny Page lived in No 8 at the Gransden end of the row and remained our neighbour until summer, 1945. She had Albert Knight living with her. Whether he was her grandson, or some other relative I never did find out. I went to school with Albert and, some years later was a fellow worker with him on Rectory farm, then owned by Mr George Radford.

    By Alan Cross (21/09/2016)
  • Hello
    Did you receive my comment about Grannie Page which I sent a few days ago?

    Best wishes
    Alan Cross

    By Aalan Crossoo (15/09/2016)
  • Alan, Thanks so much for your comments. I have been away so have not logged on to the site for a few weeks. Your comments are much valued as I am keen to record any memories of life in the village. The entries published on here are based on photos and snippets of information from Nanda Wisson but really I only have one-liners for each photo as you can see. So your memories help to add colour to a sketchy picture. Please continue to entertain and inform me with your tales.
    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you again.
    Lynn Fitch

    By lynn fitch (03/11/2016)
  • In December 1934, my parents – with me, at 4 years old, in tow – moved into No 7 New Row, Abbotsley. Grannie Page was, until we moved in 1945, our neighbour, in No 8, the Gransden end cottage. Living with her was Albert Knight. I am not certain what the relationship was but I always assumed that he was her grandson. He was a very great friend of mine for all the time we lived in New Row, from school, through working together at Rectory Farm when Mr George Radford was the farmer.

    By Alan Cross (13/09/2016)

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