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Some of the Families of Abbotsley 1900 to 1950s

In 1993 Harold Storey (1921-2015) whose family had lived in Abbotsley from the early part of the 19th Century gave a talk to the Abbotsley Society about life in the village in the period between the First and Second World Wars. He was born at the village shop on High Green and he had an extensive memory of the people that he had grown up with and their families. In preparation for his talk he produced the listsĀ above which show the names of many of the people he had known and where in the village they lived. He emphasised that in preparing this he knew that there were many other names he had missed and he was sure that there may be some errors in those that he had included but it is a remarkable list of many of the families, sometimes with their nicknames and often showing several different families who lived at a particular house at different times.